Where can I buy or obtain Marvella cakes?

You can pre-order here Marvella cakes for personal use and pick them up at Landmann´s Orignal Café & Cake Shop in 1230 Vienna.

We directly supply commercial customers or through distribution partners. For further informazion or to schedule a meeting, please email us at info@marvella.at or use the contact form on our website.

How are Marvella cakes manufactured?

We create our Marvella cakes following the finest Viennese confectionary tradition. The sponge cake base is baked according to a traditional recipe, then crumbled and enriched with cream cheese, egg whites, and other high-quality ingredients. All layers of Marvella cakes are made exclusively with natural ingredients and bound together using gelatin or mechanical methods.

Who is Marvella suitable for?

Thanks to its consistently smooth texture and careful production, Marvella cakes can be consumed by individuals with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), dementia, and chewing problems. However, due to its wonderful taste, they are also highly appreciated by healthy dessert lovers.

What does dysphagia mean?

Dysphagia, or swallowing disorder, refers to the difficulty or inability to efficiently transport food and liquids from the mouth to the stomach. Symptoms can range from throat clearing and coughing to choking on saliva to the entry food or liquid into the lungs. You can find a detailed explanation in our blog post.

Do I need to have dysphagia or any other problems tob e able to enjoy Marvella?

Marvella cakes are delicious for everyone! While we take care to ensure a consistent texture in our cakes to make them enjoyable for individuals with chewing and swallowing difficulties, we also create them with a lot of love. This results in visually enticing cakes and a wonderful taste. Marvella cakes can be enjoyed by both those affected and unaffected by such issues. As a result, they bring families and friends together at a table where cake is enjoyed together.

What does IDDSI mean?

IDDSI stands fort he „International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative“. The goal of this initiative ist to establish uniform and comparable standards fort the classification of texture-modified diets. Food and beverages are categorized into 8 levels, with levels 3 and 4 being particularly suitable for individuals with dysphagia.

Is Marvella lactose-free?

Currently, Marvella is made with conventional dairy products and therefore is not lactose-free.

Is Marvella gluten-free?

The sponge cake bases of Marvella cakes are traditionally made with wheat flour and contain gluten.

Is Marvella vegetarian?

We completely avoid the use of chemical additives. We use gelatin as a natural binder. Therefore, Marvella cakes are not vegetarian.

Is Marvella halal?

We use beef gelatin as a natural binder to set the creamy components of the cake. However, we cannot guarantee that the slaughter always adheres to Halal requirements.


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